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Digital Passport For Public Restrooms

“Just about everything is up for grabs!” At a recent information industry trade show, one presenter was nearly beside himself with excitement about the revenue possibilities associated with digital passports, not just for vaccines, but for, well, “just about everything.” “Imagine not being able to unlock an airport restroom stall without your digital car insurance..

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Frustrated Scientists Propose New Campaign: “Trust the Scientists, Not the Science”

Out of concern for a mental breakdown suffered by Anthony Fauci during senate questioning by Dr. Rand Paul, a group of public health policy makers have proposed a new media campaign stressing our need to trust people who talk about science, as opposed to pure science itself. Jeff Foxtell, a pharmaceutical group sales manager and ad-hoc..

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Totally Organic Genetic Engineering

Mom & Pop Gain of Function Operations Spring Up All Over China What do you get when you cross bat, monkey, and rat DNA with a pinch of  something called a “human furin cleavage site?” “Very bad magic,” Yang Chao reports.  “We’re trying to create this year’s super lethal virus so that virologists and evolutionary..

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Today’s Big Box of Pure Gobbledygook

Marc Tessier-Lavigne, president of Stanford University, reminds the alumni, on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, that awful things have happened in this country, that these awful things are being studied, that new “clusters” of race-specialist faculty are being hired to combat the awful things, that they have a flashy new acronym (“IDEAL” — Inclusion,..

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