Author: James Riley

The Burden of Too Many Podiums

In the era of blogs and podcasts and independent, streaming news, I’ve been hesitant to agree when people blame “the media” for our problems.  Personally,  I can’t imagine taking CNN or MSNBC’s word for anything.  I certainly don’t agree with everything I hear on Fox and I can’t imagine slogging through a daily diet of..

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Thousands of Taliban Trapped in New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand  • ICBTS News “They are coming in space suits, with needles!” Visibly frightened Taliban fighters huddled by the thousands, behind the high, razor wire fence of Christchurch International Airport in New Zealand Saturday, unable to find safe passage back to Afghanistan and safety. Abdul-Fattah Ahmadi, 27, scanned the distant hills for signs of..

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It’s Mandatory, Peasant!

So, following on Bill De Blasio’s New York inoculation edict, I guess the Secretary of Defense is the most recent public authority to call for mandatory vaccination among active duty members of the armed forces. My abiding question:  let’s just suppose, for the sake of argument, the good folks in public health, and the politicians who..

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