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The Alec Baldwin Thing..

I’m not a lawyer, but.. The general assumption, when it comes to “expertise,” is the notion that if you gather several bona fide “experts” and ask them the same question within their field of study, you will get more or less the same answer. Either the world is getting more and more hopelessly complicated, or..

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Romans 13 Again..

Lots of people I respect, as people of faith and intellect, keep getting Romans 13 completely wrong, so I’ll try one more time… At the outset, this passage (“be subject to the governing authorities”) is likely THE most proof-texted passage in scripture.  People trot it out as though absolutely nothing else in the Word qualifies..

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Cowardice, Hot Tubs, Serial Killers, January 6th

Cowardice I have reason to believe we are all natural cowards, that it takes training and education and moral conviction to overcome our natural state.  Even if you ask experienced combat veterans about fear, they will tell you that only the truly insane are without it.  Those who are considered “brave” are the ones who..

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Dark Math

Think About It.. According to one source, California has $1.5 TRILLION in unfunded pension liability.   “Unfunded pension liability” represents that portion of the state’s pension obligation not covered by agency and employee contributions.  Another way of putting it is this: “in order to keep paying your pensions, we need to come up with about $1.5..

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Random Fiesta Summer Stuff..

Don’t Cry For Me, Santa Barbara I approach festivals — any community festival heavily managed by institutional types worried about their ESG/DEI ratings — with deep suspicion, since you never know when a congregational response will be required of you.  (Priest: “May climate change worry be with you.”  Worshippers: “And also with you!”) So I..

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