Can we think this through a bit?

Nothing, absolutely nothing, about Covid adds up for me.  Ponder a few largely indisputable facts, and then the reasonable questions those facts inspire…

  • It was a man-made virus, hatched in a Communist laboratory, paid for, in part, by American tax dollars. Why?
  • Gain of function research is defended on the basis that our enemies might create a biological weapon, so we should learn how to fight them, by creating them ourselves.  Maybe.  But why would we do that in combination with our avowed ideological enemies, the Chinese Communists?
  • The academic discipline responsible for creating, and then losing control of the virus — virology — is the very same discipline we’re trusting to solve the problem it created.  I suppose we might need, say, nuclear scientists in a reactor emergency, but we would expect the “good” practitioners of the science to be scolding the “bad” and “incompetent” members of their guild, and even recommending they be brought up on charges.  Instead, the guild has closed ranks, covered its mistakes, demanded censorship — and know-nothing journalists are still treating Anthony Fauci and his ilk, as though they were experts.  Why?  (Read Alex Berenson for a withering summary of this profession’s mistakes and lies.)
  • The virus, in America, if you believe the numbers being reported, kills about 0.18% of the people infected by it, and most of these are elderly and compromised victims with multiple co-morbidities.  Why are we shutting down churches, closing businesses, masking five year olds for a crisis that doesn’t seem to warrant this reaction?  Why have we allowed the cure to be far more painful than the disease?
  • Can we say it?  The vaccine doesn’t seem to work.  The antibodies don’t last.  The most vaccinated places on earth — Israel and the UK — are experiencing a growing wave of hospitalization and death from variants created by the vaccines themselvesWhen will virologists admit their mistake?
  • Virologists now argue that the vaccine doesn’t prevent the disease.  It only reduces its severity.   If all the vaccine can be expected to do is reduce the severity of the disease, why do we care about case count at all, and why are most of the severely hospitalized patients among the fully vaccinated?
  • A number of studies now indicate that Ivermectin is hugely effective in both preventing and curing the diseaseWe also have strong indication that weight loss, Vitamin D3, C, Zinc are similarly effectiveWhy are both the studies, and the testimonies of front line doctors actually treating Covid patients, being ignored, in favor of a hugely expensive, ineffective vaccination program that threatens our civil liberties?
  • The vaccine has enjoyed no long-term testing and yet it is already responsible, in America alone, for more than 12,313 reports of death. (One Carnegie Melon study indicates the more educated you are, the less likely you are to take the jab.)  The presumption of death “by” as opposed to “with” Covid  seemed to govern during the original chapters of the pandemic.  With respect to the vaccine itself, however, healthy young people now confined to wheel chairs and suffering heart-inflammation after taking the vaccine are encouraged to believe the two are unrelated.  Why are these stories not being examined thoroughly for the pattern recognition that might make informed consent possible?

It seems to me the American people are being asked to look at a pile of bull shit and call it apple sauce.  People will only be lied to for so long.  You might even be able to fool them not only twice, but three or four times, but eventually the pain of America’s “approved science” will exact too great a toll.  Some of them have lost homes, businesses, and the affection of their Fauci-frightened relatives.  Some of them are weighing the merits of losing a career or taking a vaccine they don’t trust.  Some of them are getting very angry, for rather obvious reasons.

It’s time for the truth, soon, folks, or it may be time for a war.