Seattle, WA  • ICBTS News

In a new interview with ICBTS News, a visibly nervous Bill Gates compulsively answered “well, he’s dead now” to every question put to him.

“There’s nothing new here,” Bill observed, as he sat down, before any questions were asked.  “He’s dead now.  He’s dead now.  He’s dead now.”

When asked if he thought new booster shots would be required into the year 2022, he paused briefly and said, “Well, he’s dead now.”

When asked if schools, churches, and sporting events would go on as before, Bill interrupted.  “He’s dead now.  There’s nothing new here.  He’s dead.  What can we learn from this?  He’s dead now.”

When asked about conspiracy theories alleging that global inoculations constituted an attempt to reduce world population, he leaned forward and said, “They’re dead now.  I mean, he’s dead now.”