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Christ, The Word, The Church, The Republic

Pastor Mac Protecting His Loot Again..

“Wait!” Said the Wise Man, “Herod only wants the baby for public safety, right?  Well that’s different.  We gotta obey.” As usual John MacArthur, the tired old coward, is wrong and takes a stand, again for abject obedience to the state, forgetting numerous instances in the Old and New Testament where believers _demanded_ justice and..

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The Grave New World

Most thinking people care very little about the virus anymore. It appears to be a dud.  If it were a bio-weapon, it would be singularly weak terrorism — a pellet gun against a half-ton Kodiak bear.  The thick fur of herd immunity appears to have protected humanity as it has for thousands of years. What..

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Give Me Some Bloody Rest

I’ve been thinking a lot about “restlessness” and “contentment” lately, because I’ve concluded a great deal of what I do to seek the latter consists of drowning the former in spreadsheets or wine or binge-TV or travel or sleep or any reverie that fixes the mind somewhere else–captivated, soothed, or just put away.  We seek..

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“Christianity” Today

God Truly Hates Hypocrites A friend of mine was removed from a Facebook group today for simply observing that women should sometimes have sex with their husbands when they don’t feel like it — just as they sometimes wash the dishes when they don’t feel like it.  We do things for people we love because..

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So here’s the difficult thing about confronting the modern false church: it’s a slippery little snake. I listened to a sermon today about God’s abiding love, about a just God of the old testament who may judge and scourge His people but who never gives up on them. Who could possibly object to such a..

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