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If You Don’t Like The Heat..

I don’t watch a lot of cable TV, but while traveling and taking in Gordon Ramsay’s “Nightmare Kitchen,” I was struck by the tonal difference between Ramsay brutally bringing restaurant owners to tears and a Facebook ad quietly assuring us their advanced algorithms and their community standards team had removed 17 million dangerous posts. On the..

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A Supreme Court With Its Hair On Fire

Pure Misinformation The white-hot, laser-bright line between abject fear and totalitarianism was hugely on display, yesterday, in the Supreme Court’s hearing of a case calling into question the Biden administration’s OSHA vaccine mandate.  I’m not a lawyer, nor even a student of the court, but I’ve read enough court transcripts to register, with high alarm,..

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Our Mutual Fight

They are Coming For You Too If you are dropping by here for the first time, you may have seen my appearance on TBN’s Huckabee TV.  You can follow me on Facebook here, but I infinitely prefer you join my email list, since no social network is safe anymore. (There’s a join form at the..

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