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Think It, Post It

Theory: Life and Death

Thinking out loud.  Probably nothing, but I was wondering what it is that ties together unlikely bedfellows like gay activists, jihadists, socialists and radical environmentalists.  Why, for example, do you find the defenders of a fluid sexuality that would get you thrown off buildings in Iran ridiculing any objection to Sharia law in the west?..

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Re-Thinking Social Media

Again.. There’s something about breaking an eleven year habit that focuses your attention–and it’s actually a 30 year habit if we go back to computer bulletin boards, CompuServe, AOL, Xanga, and all the rest.  I was a first generation “new product heat seeker” when it comes to having long arguments with people online, and making real..

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Think It, Post It..

So, whilst driving today, I was pondering the Rodney King thing — why we all can’t get along.  (We had major sales today, but there are a few bloody-fanged progressive teachers I fancy I could calm down with a simple chat).  Maybe.  Maybe not.  It’s difficult for a secular humanist to hear, but the root..

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