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A Short Story So I guess I have to say I’m happily conventional. Bottom line, I’m not even likely to buy a house without cornice moulding, much less spike my hair, wear pink shorts, chant cross-legged, or apologize for the Fourth of July.  You can do that if you want to, but I got very..

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The Rattled Cage

A Short Story At the beginning of the pandemic, Russell Pym had been indulging a new reading obsession, “all things flu.” The possibility of sudden, arresting lung failure, of drowning in his own fluids, of dying at age 27, all of that worked like a steel rasp grating away at the soft pine in his..

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The Devil Owns the Surf

A Short Story My theory is we all want to be one of the chosen people, so don’t get all judgmental about this. I’m guessing you’re the same: You got pledged by the Dekes instead of that vaguely criminal but very cool fraternity, the guys who brought hip flasks and peyote to midterms, the ones..

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The Love Pool

A Short Story The Love Pool It was becoming a scandal of mixed bathing proportions. The Horner kid – the cocky one, the youngest one, not the slow-witted older brother, but the good-looking kid, the one with the physique and the guitar skills and the amiable, effortless presence (you have to be careful with young..

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Child of God

A Short Story I spent the evening afraid of his face. Brother Hendricks wore the pits and the furrows of his adolescence; his sons had that sort of pomegranite acne that might have made lesser young men more recluse, but they plunged into the fray without apology – basketball players, musicians, bearers of girlfriends to..

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Fort Building Doctor: So tell me about this flu? Patient: Well, the standard stuff:  congestion, headache, sore throat, upset stomach, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, difficulty swallowing, fever Doctor: all at the same time? Patient: No, they appear to be working in two man teams, like assassin squads.  Just when the congestion and headache go away, nausea..

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