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So Many Eyes..

A multitude of counselors Unable to sleep, in the wee hours this morning, a Facebook red square blinked across the room at me: An old friend and former employee was concerned about a YouTube video he had been trying to process.  Issues of history and family and salvation were at stake, so I hit the..

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So I’m in Pasadena right now, sort of over-planning a 40th year high school reunion, and I got to wondering about the human need to party.  I’m in the celebration business, more or less all the time.  We call it “Riley’s Farm,” but it’s a bit more like Bing Crosby’s “Holiday Inn” — one seasonal..

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“Boob Grope” Support Group Formed

Madison, WI – ICBTS News In the wake of thousands of sexual harassment claims made by women against men in political and media circles, a group of male professors at Hollick University are coming forward, anonymously for now, against women who abuse greetings, “side hugs” and in some cases the full frontal, lingering embrace. “It’s..

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