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Telling Stories To An Empty Tavern

Writing, for me, without Facebook, is something like feeling the “mental tickle” of an observation that might do someone some good — something that will make them laugh, or cry, or experience righteous anger — and then finding the best way to say it:  you know, you writers, how it goes, make the words count,..

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Fearful Friends..

A friend of mine who lives in Dana Point is fretting that the beaches today look like the 4th of July.  Too many people are enjoying themselves. Here on Riley’s Farm, we experienced a HUGE increase in walk-on sales — folks who were not wearing masks, not afraid to shake hands, not afraid to walk..

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Save Riley’s Farm and the Bill of Rights from “Cancel Culture”

Our Case Against Claremont (And A Few Other Districts) Explained.. Some of you have requested background on our case.  Here’s where you can study up.. My appearance on the Mike Huckabee Show..   My summary of the case at American Greatness.. The National Review comes to my defense.. Michelle Mears-Gerst at Politichicks wrote a great..

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