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Is This Light Too Bright..

..or is it getting dark around here? People often give me free, bad business advice.  This usually comes from leftist ideologues who can’t brook a difference of opinion on any political issue and would prefer their favorite apple farmer keep quiet.  I say “bad” advice, but the vast majority of young social media consultants would..

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God’s First Command: Have Sex

Am I reading this wrong? So I read and re-read the Bible, slowly, usually over about 18 months at a time.  I like to consider the Word, post the Word on social media, discuss the Word, argue about the Word, read commentaries about the Word– and see if I understood the great Father God Creator..

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A Short Story So I guess I have to say I’m happily conventional. Bottom line, I’m not even likely to buy a house without cornice moulding, much less spike my hair, wear pink shorts, chant cross-legged, or apologize for the Fourth of July.  You can do that if you want to, but I got very..

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The Rattled Cage

A Short Story At the beginning of the pandemic, Russell Pym had been indulging a new reading obsession, “all things flu.” The possibility of sudden, arresting lung failure, of drowning in his own fluids, of dying at age 27, all of that worked like a steel rasp grating away at the soft pine in his..

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Harvard Revokes Admission After David Hogg Admits He Enjoyed “Friends” as a Child

Cambridge, MA • ICBTS News A rattled David Hogg was escorted off the Harvard Campus yesterday as troubling news leaked about a confession he made to a fellow student regarding his childhood affection for the hetero-normative television sit-com, “Friends.” “Confessions simply aren’t enough,” said fellow student, Ming Lee-Trowbridge.  “The fact that David actually laughed at such horribly..

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Fauci Cool With Trump Rallies, if Boot-Licking Encouraged

A Health Policy Change Every Few Hours Dr. Anthony Fauci, reversed his course on Trump rallies, a few hours after warning against them, after learning thousands of “Black Hebrew Israelites” would be offering boot-licking racial forgiveness opportunities on the way into the assemblies. “This obviously changes everything,” Fauci said, in answer to a question from..

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