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Talking to Cogs

..and mistaking them for people.. A “cog,” they tell us, is a motion-transferring wheel with sprockets along its edge.  A collection of them, engineered and assembled, as in a Swiss watch, can be so beautiful to behold that some designers have taken to leaving the whole assembly visible to the eye.  It’s reassuring to ponder..

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Where Did All the Grown-Ups Go?

How Bad Does It Have to Get? If you aren’t at least a little troubled by Steve Kirsch’s most recent inventory of Covid absurdities or Dr. Pierre Kory’s frontline report indicating an increase in cardiac “crash cart” inventory along with a very disturbing tweet about increased demand for child sized caskets, then I’m guessing you, like most people,..

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A Supreme Court With Its Hair On Fire

Pure Misinformation The white-hot, laser-bright line between abject fear and totalitarianism was hugely on display, yesterday, in the Supreme Court’s hearing of a case calling into question the Biden administration’s OSHA vaccine mandate.  I’m not a lawyer, nor even a student of the court, but I’ve read enough court transcripts to register, with high alarm,..

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