So, following on Bill De Blasio’s New York inoculation edict, I guess the Secretary of Defense is the most recent public authority to call for mandatory vaccination among active duty members of the armed forces.

My abiding question:  let’s just suppose, for the sake of argument, the good folks in public health, and the politicians who listen to them, actually know that the vaccine will cause ugly lifelong side effects, and death, among some acceptably small percentage of the population.  Let’s assume they have even put a number on it.  Let’s say they are willing to accept, say, 20,000 deaths and 40,000 people permanently disabled victims for life.  It could be any number.  I’m not even disputing that the authorities have to make decisions like this.  They do it when they build a bridge or design a freeway, since “ultimate safety” would be far more expensive than any of us could afford.  In the case of vaccines, where “public safety” requires YOU to put a foreign substance inside your body — as opposed to paying more taxes for a safe bridge — my sense is, (maybe I’m just naive), that they want to keep the number of dead and injured very low, and that brings me to my question:  since a number of people are going to die taking an experimental vaccine in an emergency, wouldn’t you want to keep a totally accurate and transparent record of any death or injury even remotely connected to taking a vaccine?  And my second question:  should any pattern in those deaths and injuries emerge, wouldn’t you want to make that data pattern public information?

Like I say — maybe I am totally naive.  People who appear to be clear victims of the jab are being treated like conspiracy theorists, even as they suffer and die.

I suppose we shouldn’t expect anything more from the fraternity of “public servants” who create someone like Anthony Fauci — someone who admitted to lying about the benefits of masking, so as to protect the supply chain for health care professionals.

When telling the truth doesn’t mean anything, we all start to go crazy.

Be honest, folks.  Allow the debate to proceed.  Allow the facts to come out.  We can take bad news.  We can’t take liars.