The Scary Thing..

I haven’t watched a great deal of Depp V. Heard, but I did stop in to see Amber’s moisture-less crying jag.  I also watched a bit of Depp’s testimony.  Amber’s grief was so singularly awkward a performance that I went from being a little amused by it to being more than a little spooked by it.  It’s one thing to be the victim of actual violence, particularly sexual violence, but to fabricate such a story?  To pretend, for the world, you were the victim of a monster who doesn’t exist and then call that monster by the name of your ex-husband and friend?   That is either a frightening level of pyschopathology or pure gargoyle, scales and all, dressed up as pretty blonde.  Her court room appearance, at the defendant’s table, reminded me of the way Jussie Smollet looked, walking into the court room:  defiantly proud of telling absurd lies.

It’s a performance mirrored by progressive politicians and legacy media these days:  lie, lie, lie and stay proud about it.  I don’t think Depp is really after the money.  He just wants his reputation restored, and it looks to be working.

On the Set

So, even though I detest Alec Baldwin’s politics, I do feel a little sorry for him.  Playing a part in the tragedy on the Rust set could drive a more fragile and less flamboyant ego to the grave.  I think there’s something to be explored in the “dummy” vs “real” round issue, particularly as it relates to labor tensions on the set.  If it is true that a lot of crew walked off the production two days before, to protest twelve hour shifts, with no hotel rooms, the idea of sabotage seems plausible, though you wonder about the psychology of such a maneuver.  Did someone merely assume all the pre-loading safety protocols would prevent someone from being killed?    Was it meant to send a chill down the spine of producers who wouldn’t spring for hotel rooms or trailers?   Alternatively, was there any sport target shooting going on out there, between production days?  Even anti-gun lefties like to play with pistols.

Don’t Tell Mom & Dad

I will skip to the end of this story first: after complaining to a public school principal about her twelve year old daughter being encouraged to explore a trans-identity, explore sexual attraction for other girls, and consider re-assignment surgery without her parent’s consent, the principal responded by saying nothing could be done about it. It was all done so as to make trans people “feel safe.”

I’ve often felt that although evil is terrifying, the people who make idiotic accommodations for it–asking you to be a complicit idiot along with them–are even more disturbing.

Beer and Pickle Fast..

“Why aren’t you eating?”
“I didn’t want to say anything, but I’m fasting.”
“A diet thing?”
“No.  Spiritual.”
“Well.  I hope everything is okay.”
“I’ll be fine, but fasting is difficult.”
“I can imagine.  NOTHING to eat.  That would drive me crazy.”
“Oh, I eat.  I’m not crazy.  Nothing but beer and pickles.  It’s a beer and pickle fast.”
“A beer and pickle fast?”
“Inspired by Klaus Müller, a sixteenth century monk at the Maulbronn Monastery, near Speyer.”
“But.. how.. I mean would that be depriving enough to bring you closer to.. God?”
“Believe me.  It’s the more difficult of the two Maulbronn fasts.  I tried the other one.  Much easier.”
“What fast is that?”
“The beer and sausage fast.”