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“Hebrew Roots” Woman Goes Full Eden

Mesa, Arizona • ICTBS News Arlyce Simms, 63, now out on bail after her 2nd public nudity arrest, insists on being called “Chava,” (Hebrew for “Eve”) in homage to the Creation story recorded in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. “I had been protesting that horrible homage to pagan idolatry, Christmas, at a local mall,”..

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Gov Cuomo: Building Permits for Gingerbread Houses

Croghan, New York • ICBTS News Building gingerbread houses is a long standing tradition in the upstate New York village of Croghan, but a group of young mothers and their children received a rude surprise when state officials burst into their children’s party with weapons drawn. “On the floor!” yelled one code enforcement official, “lock your..

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Susie of God

It’s a winter cabin and I think I’m a teenager, but it’s a Scandinavian family I’m hanging out with in a cold, northern forest. One of the daughters is called “Susie of God.” I ask the teenager my age if he’s studying European History. He says, “yes and next week Czechoslovakia.” I ask if I..

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