As gentle as serpents and as wise as Dodo birds..

So imagine, just for the sake of the depressing mental challenge it represents, a fraternity of world leaders in positions of extraordinary power.  These lions of state and corporate power share an ancient, superstitious fear:  the world is too just too small and delicate for all of us human folk.  They are not too much different, in this respect, from that pagan royalty of South America, in 1450, who tried to ward off the rain gods with the sacrifice of 140 children and 200 llamas.  For anyone who actually consults the historical record for a measure of Pre-Christian culture, (as opposed to, say, watching DreamWorks animations), the pattern is very obvious.  A few of the underclass begin noticing a strange leaf wilt, or a shortage of game, or a prolonged drought, or monsoonal rains that won’t stop, or some strange root rot that foreshadows an emaciated, rat-eating winter.

What’s the solution?  Thin down the ranks, of course.  Throw a virgin in a volcano.  Triple the Aztec blood sacrifice on the temple-tops.  Round up all the old people and strand them on some floating ice.   There is both an evil utility in this, and a dark spirituality as well.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob required animal sacrifice only, and even that was largely a way of feeding the priests.  (Isaac doesn’t count.  That was faith test, and Jesus was a divine, not merely a human, sacrifice.) Most agrarian economies, including our own 18th American version, knew very keenly the meaning of famine.  Early crop failures sent chills down the spine of Philip Vickers Fithian, a divinity student, as he observed Virginia tree leaves turning black with death..

“…With us in Jersey wet Weather about this time not only is prejudicial to the Harvest, but is generally thought, & I believe almost never fails being a forerunner of Agues, Fall-Fevers, Fluxes, & our Horse-Distempers—Fearing these, any of which so far from Home, would be painful & expensive..”

In other words, even divinity students, and, perhaps especially divinity students, knew the power of the weather.  Facing famine, Christians repented and prayed. Pagan cultures appeased the gods, and reduced the number of mouths, by sacrificing children, and the under-class.

Nothing ever changes.  That fraternity of today’s world leaders, most of them thoroughgoing God-haters, are deeply fearful of life’s fragility.  Some of them, contrary to the evidence, really do believe human beings can adversely affect the climate.  Some of them probably know the evidence is very sketchy, but reverential fear of carbon fuels is a dogma in this club.  Mock it at your peril — and the loss of your private jet.  A few of them, the most dangerous ones, are true believers.  They honestly believe their life mission includes reducing human population so as to sustain our delicate globe.

Who could possibly doubt these folks exist?   I knew some of them in college.  I remember the “ends justifies the means” conversations.  This is the generation that sees nothing wrong with killing an unborn child right on the verge of delivery — and even after he is born.  (The fact check sites, by the way, are plainly lying about this one; if you remove prosecution for kids found dead as a result of a “pregnancy-related cause,” you potentially legalize murder.  I’m the result of a pregnancy-related cause.  Are you?)

Are there people on this old globe perfectly willing to sign on to high-tech, and even not-so-subtle methods of population control, even population elimination?   Of course there are.  We aren’t that far away from the bloody 20th century, a time when gleeful Marxists kept breaking eggs to make omelets that never materialized.   Do we really think that Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and Planned-Parenthood-loving Warren Buffett aren’t capable of looking at humanity as though we were some annoying band of feral pigs needing reduction?

Of course, the fact that such motivations are likely doesn’t make them inevitable, or verifiable, but ponder the last century, and this one.  Killing people in the name of Marx just didn’t work.  There’s no way to do a public relations campaign for Auschwitz, or Mao’s “Great Leap Forward,” (which killed tens of millions), or Stalin’s Holodomor.   Even with the New York Times covering for Stalin’s systematic starvation of the Ukraine, eventually the Godless human-hating crowd concludes: “look, starvation and concentration camps are just too icky.  We need something that sounds a little more high-minded.”

Like saving the world from a “pandemic,” right?   Yeah… that’s it.  “We’re all in this together!”  “Save Grandma!”  Lock down and lose your job for humanity.  It’s the right thing to do.  Stop going to church to “love your neighbor.”  Take a gene therapy jab with no long term testing (and give it to your four year old), because you are the sort who “does the right thing.”  The enormous number of vaccine related deaths, now thoroughly denied, will eventually yield to something like “you take the risk for the village.”  Perhaps even the exploding excess death numbers will eventually be treated something like war dead — a sacrifice made for the glory of mother earth.

Even the satanic fraternity secretly applauding all of this is sophisticated enough to know you can’t bring back the Aztec blood temples and the Cambodian killing fields.  The Christian moral consensus is still very real, and it might be one of the reasons Christians with distinctly bad theology have signed on to this new chapter of human sacrifice:  they believe they are dying to the flesh.  They are as gentle as snakes and wise as Dodo birds.  Hand a stupid Christian a handful of hypodermic needles full of synthesized lipids and gene poison — and they will think themselves Mother Theresa for jabbing everything in sight.  Wormwood and Screwtape are laughing with delight.

Even the most vile, technocratic believer in population control does not go to the world podium with utilitarian death rhetoric.  You generally don’t hear them saying, “look, we’ve got to start sterilizing at least 75% of you.  We also need to terminate anyone over 70 years old.  We must do this for the sake of the planet, and here’s our plan to reach 500 million people, globally, within the next 15 years.  It’s going to involve a lot of loved ones dying, but this is the price we pay for living at peace, on a sustainable planet.”

They aren’t generally that direct about it.

What DO you hear them advocating?  Gender re-assignment surgery.  (Sterility).  Same sex pride (Sterility).   Masculinity is “toxic.” (Orwell’s anti-sex, anti-reproduction league.)  Marriage is an oppressive relic of colonialism.  (More sterility).  Experimental jabs for the foreseeable future.  (Sterility and death).  Fossil fuels must be eliminated (abject starvation for most of the world).   Apologize for your whiteness.  (Race war, death, and totalitarian control).   You will own nothing and be happy.  (No one will own anything, so nothing will be cared for, and most of the world will starve in misery.)

It isn’t, in other words, what they say.  It’s what they do.

The sooner we understand our lives mean nothing to them, the sooner we can really get in this fight.