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Our Mutual Fight

They are Coming For You Too If you are dropping by here for the first time, you may have seen my appearance on TBN’s Huckabee TV.  You can follow me on Facebook here, but I infinitely prefer you join my email list, since no social network is safe anymore. (There’s a join form at the..

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Best Man Refuses “Lock-Step” Celebration of Friend’s Wedding

Redwood City, CA  ICBTS News  It’s usually the moment when the whole congregation erupts in applause, but when Derek Woods was given permission by the minister to kiss his bride, Debbie Thurgood, their best man suddenly took a knee at the front of the church, along with several groomsmen. “Listen,” explained best man Harold Foster,..

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Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

The Pledge of Allegiance and Standing for the National Anthem are necessary and wholesome public rituals. We celebrate the house that shelters us, even as we strive to repair and restore it. I live in a very beautiful place, with a fair amount of history attached to it, so when I had the opportunity to..

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