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Christ, The Word, The Church, The Republic

Riyadh or River City?

In Defense of Empire Rand Paul and his pops, should be applauded for defending the Constitution, but thoroughly scolded for lamenting a better way. Newsflash, folks:  some ideas are better than others. The term “Arab Spring” might invoke an image of fragrant grains blooming in a once parched desert and a luxury Hilton opening its..

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The Church Isn’t Sexy Enough

In the wake of the Josh Duggar story, it is wise to remember that when a basic human hunger is demonized by church culture, weird things happen to people. Pornography, abuse, homosexuality, infidelity all can be traced to a failure of the church to celebrate sexuality. The church isn’t sexy enough? No, please, I am..

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Is That Owl Presbyterian?

My wife and I took an anniversary break out on the Palos Verdes peninsula last week. Is it just me or do the sleek young people who greet you at a fine hotel make you feel something like the newest citizen in Emerald City?  I’ve never really felt worthy of these places.  I love them,..

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The Half-Strength Jesus

This will not stand.. I’m not just talking about the barbarity of African Muslims killing 147 Christian students in Kenya last week. I’m talking about the escapist, incomplete, pacifist bilge you hear from some believers in its wake. If you are the sort of person who considers what happened here — armed zealots, mentally and..

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Picking the Script

Yesterday, I argued there can be beauty, and even virtue, in tawdry places, but I think I was really wrestling with a more fundamental problem: how to live, when to speak, when to shut up, which jokes to tell, what life-script to pick. God certainly seems something like a playwright.  He gave Pharaoh a role..

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