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After Clicking, Ohio Man Reads ENTIRE Article

Columbus, OH • ICBTS News In a development social network engineers are worried about, an Ohio construction manager, Tim Tedesco, was recently identified as a news and blog reader who goes beyond the Open Graph description property, clicks the link, and—even more concerning—reads the entire article. Using sophisticated scroll-bar analysis, Tedesco’s account was flagged as a..

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New Study: Pearl Clutching Men Less Attractive

Madison, WI • ICBTS News Hollick University researchers have concluded a study covering the reaction of women to men who “pearl clutch” and have concluded that sexual revulsion is five times more likely in women observing men who compulsively signal fear and peevish disdain when faced with stimulus that is considered trivial. The study was conducted..

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Breaking: Mitch McConnell Backseat Observer on Roy Moore Dates

Washington, DC — ICBTS News At a press conference this morning, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell revealed personal, first hand knowledge of Judge Roy Moore dating indiscretions taking place more than 40 years ago.  Appearing next to famed feminist attorney, Gloria Allred, McConnell revealed that he could confirm inappropriate behavior on the part of Judge..

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Prince William Distributes Birth Control at Baby Reveal Party

Kensington Palace – ICBTS News Baby reveal parties have earned a new spot in social calendars across the globe, along with coed showers and bachelor parties, but they usually don’t include free tubal ligation procedures paid for by a prince. All of that changed when Prince William, second in line to the British throne, gave..

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New York Mayor’s Novel Proposal: Appeasement

New York, NY — ICBTS News In the wake of yet another act of Islamic extremist terror, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has proposed a new addition to New York public school education — surrender studies. “Look,” said the mayor, under the weight of heavy questioning at a recent press conference, “I’m convinced we..

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