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Fresh off news that a sixth Texas Democrat had tested positive for Covid after leaving the state to avoid legislative duties, an anonymous source close to the delegation informs ICBTS that the group is looking for more international chances to catch rare and attention-focusing diseases.

“We think it will really garner a lot of sympathy if one of the members gets, oh, something like Ebola or leptospirosis,” said the source.  “It will highlight the cause of voter rights if someone from the delegation comes into contact with soil-borne animal urine in a third world country.”

When asked if, on the contrary, this made the delegation look inattentive to their duties and silly for traveling so far to catch Covid, the source insisted they were getting lots of positive feedback.  “Anything to make sure we can keep sending in anonymous mail ballots for millions of Texas homeless people without an address.”

The source was clear, however, that no actual representatives would go on the worldwide tour.  “When it come to risking something like, say, Zika, we’ll be sending staffers out on that one.”