Out of concern for a mental breakdown suffered by Anthony Fauci during senate questioning by Dr. Rand Paul, a group of public health policy makers have proposed a new media campaign stressing our need to trust people who talk about science, as opposed to pure science itself.

Jeff Foxtell, a pharmaceutical group sales manager and ad-hoc leader of the movement, put it this way: “well, obviously, pure science is what we’re after, but at some point we have to realize that it all gets delivered to us through people.  Qualified, educated, connected people.  People who can get things done.  People who can make us all trust the right conclusions.”

“It’s a subtle difference,” Foxtell confessed.  “There is TRUTH, and then are the people who are qualified to talk about the truth.  For too long, we’ve been thinking that ‘science’ is the answer, when what we really need to trust is the officially approved ‘scientists‘ who tell us what to do and when to do it.  Too many nurses, on the local level, are getting on their social media accounts and piously talking about ‘trusting the science.’  That’s beautiful.  But we need to get these girls to start spreading a far more effective campaign, from the sales perspective, ‘trust the scientists.'”