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Make the State Afraid

You Actually CAN Fight City Hall Whoever coined the phrase “you can’t fight city hall” wasn’t really an American—not in any meaningful sense of the term.   Governments derive their authority by “the consent of the people” and not the other way around.  There is a reason we use terms like “public servant” and “civil..

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Twelve Hours, Nearing $1,000

“White Privilege” is the new “Be Quiet, and Do as You’re Told” About 12 hours into our funding campaign, we’ve raised close to $1,000 from folks who are tired of the First Amendment offered up for rape by elected officials and civil servants.  THANK YOU.  If you haven’t donated yet, you can read about our..

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Save Riley’s Farm and the Bill of Rights from “Cancel Culture”

Riley’s Farm First Amendment News, An Update..   Our Case Against Claremont (And A Few Other Districts) Explained.. Some of you have requested background on our case.  Here’s where you can study up.. My appearance on the Mike Huckabee Show..   My summary of the case at American Greatness.. The National Review comes to my..

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“Christianity” Today

God Truly Hates Hypocrites A friend of mine was removed from a Facebook group today for simply observing that women should sometimes have sex with their husbands when they don’t feel like it — just as they sometimes wash the dishes when they don’t feel like it.  We do things for people we love because..

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The Truth Hurts

..before it heals So I’ve taken to a new diet of contention on YouTube — theological debates.  Roman Catholics vs. Protestants.  Reformed vs. Arminian.  Saturday vs. Sunday, Gifts vs. No Gifts.  I’m beginning to believe the serious inquirer, on any subject, won’t need anything like a “channel” anymore, not because content consolidators aren’t useful, but..

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