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Are we all dead yet, Barb?

An email conversation from August of 2020.. “Barb” (not her real name) is a friend from high school and an ER Doctor.. Jim Riley: Freedom Rally and Protest! FOUR LIVE BANDS!  (Note: at the time, here on the farm, we were pitching a live outdoor event, focused on ending the economic lock-downs) Barb: This is..

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Is This Light Too Bright..

..or is it getting dark around here? People often give me free, bad business advice.  This usually comes from leftist ideologues who can’t brook a difference of opinion on any political issue and would prefer their favorite apple farmer keep quiet.  I say “bad” advice, but the vast majority of young social media consultants would..

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Kneeling Mitt Offers Racial Reconciliation Bunion Surgery

New York, NY • ICBTS News Fresh from a racial-reconciliation feet washing ceremony, Utah Senator Mitt Romney has upped the stakes in the effort to achieve race-reconciliation and race-forgiveness: free bunion surgery. “I was washing the feet of several African American ministers,” Mitt said, “and I couldn’t help noticing a few of them were suffering from..

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Virus Didn’t Work, Back to Race

..with a vengeance I borrowed my title from a meme I saw yesterday.  It’s perfect.  The same people who were worried about Commie Flu hot spots four days ago, the same ones who ridiculed first amendment protesters, the same ones who called church-goers potential Darwin Award winners, seem to have utterly forgotten the horrible danger..

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