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The Flesh, in this case, is SUPER strong..

Emails That Don’t Tempt Me.. Walking, Thinking Mary and I walked four miles this morning.  My preferred cardio is the elliptical, but we are on vacation and we have to improvise. I’m a student of elliptical machines — having foolishly purchased really cheap machines designed for very small people with short-lived New Year’s resolutions. The..

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The Fragility of Your Social Network

Suppose, like me, you’ve spent — this is embarrassing — eight or nine years making new friends on Facebook. Suppose you’ve re-connected with literally hundreds of old friends. You’ve even found lost members of your own family and established a special tribe of peculiarly like minded individuals in your interest groups. You’ve built your business..

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System Restore

As I’ve recently explained, I’m going to be using Facebook less and less, which means I have to start running this site with some attention to building an audience and that means getting your email addresses.  I will automate this soon, but in the meantime, if you would like to join the audience, use..

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Re-thinking the Campfire

More On “Facebook Jail” My incarceration is my own fault — not because I wrote anything “hateful” or anything that violates “Facebook Community Standards.”  It’s my own fault because I naively believed Facebook actually had an objective standard. If you take the time to read that soupy flimflam of corporate gray-speak, you’ll find that they..

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Facebook Jail

I am currently in Facebook jail for,  they say, a period of 24 hours: this in response to a post I made several weeks ago about the Somalian-American police officer who shot a woman from inside his squad car.  The absence of any preliminary reporting on the motive for the shooting prompted me to ask..

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It Takes More than the Sinner’s Prayer

There’s a little known encounter that took place shortly after Hernando Cortés’ band of soldiers gained victory over the Aztecs in 1519. After subduing Tenochtitlan, the native people began preparing for the festival of Toxcatl, in honor of their harvest god, Tezcatlipoca. When Cortés’ lieutenant, Pedro de Alvarado learned that this festival would climax in..

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