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Chuck Baldwin, So Completely Pure..

..He smells downright sour Chuck Baldwin appears to be getting tripped up in his long robes and ideological hand-washing rituals.  I’m fairly certain he’s out there right now trying to find someone to scourge for healing on the Sabbath. I have distant memories of a fellow who once called out wicked policies in high places..

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Pure Christocentric, Heteronormative, Patriarchal Goodness

The Power of Assumption Picture a late night staff meeting spilling out into the parking lot on a gorgeous, clear night.  Three freshly minted software engineers, straight out of college, find themselves picking out Orion in the southern sky.  Their project manager, the guy they need to please, listens to their celestial chatter, opens the..

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Leaving Facebook..

No Explanation Necessary So I was put in FaceBook jail for seven days, and — as usual — there is never an explanation why, nor would they even identify the offending post.  (How will they build their Brave New World if they don’t even run a competent re-education camp?) It’s possible, this time, that a..

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Weasels Like this

The various defenses we make for our shortcomings — have you noticed this? — can almost never survive an honest conversation. I’ve been pondering Vince Gilligan’s character “Jessie Pinkman” in Breaking Bad.  You’ve seen this guy.  We all have. He’s the aloof, distant stoner, the guy who can’t be bothered to study, to apply himself,..

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