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Stop Saying #FirstWorldProblem

There are some truths so obvious you get a bit hoarse repeating them: Phoenix, Arizona is a nicer place to live than Tejarcillos, Costa Rica for a reason.  Seattle, Washington beats Zimbabwe for a reason. Salzburg, Austria trumps Sinhung, North Korea  for a reason.  It’s easier being a woman in Madison, Wisconsin than Riyadh, Saudi Arabia..

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Calling All Goons

Big Government Republicans I always thought of my father as a reasonably successful businessman, but he characterized himself, and those of us in the small business world, as “goons.” I remember this term feeling slightly at odds with the life he had built for us:  he employed all of his children in the family business..

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The Approved Uglies

Keep the List Small, Please Certain conversations are not allowed, nor are certain associations. We don’t seek out the company of pathological liars.  We don’t invite women who have a habit of hitting on married men to dinner parties.   We don’t invite Holocaust deniers to speak on public platforms, (unless you’re Columbia University.)  We..

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