Christianity is fairly simple:  man is a sinner, and Jesus came to pay the price for those sins: all who truly believe on Him are saved.

Unfortunately, under Gay Sharia Law, that may be unapproved expression, subject to fines and jail time.  If you don’t think so, take a look at this story about a lesbian Houston mayor who has subpoenaed, from local pastors, any sermons “dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor.”

Pastors face court action if the mayor of Houston doesn't agree with their sermons.
Pastors face court action if the mayor of Houston doesn’t agree with their sermons.

Catch that, pastor?  If you are quoting any New Testament scripture about homosexuality, or you express political disapproval of the mayor, her staff will be reviewing your message for possible infractions of “the law.”  When asked about their actions, the mayor’s office replied:  “We don’t comment on litigation.”

Give a sermon, in other words, and face time in court.

I don’t care if you are gay, or straight:  If you are an American, you should be outraged at a political official who has declared herself above the Bill of Rights.   If you are a veteran, she has taken a piss on your sacrifice.  If you have ever mustered the courage to express an unpopular opinion, or defend the defenseless, she has declared her right to silence you.

Freedom of expression is about controversial speech.  No one needs to defend boring, polite, “gray-speak.”  Freedom of expression allows the most strident gay activist to call me a “breeder,” to lament the patriarchy, to call Christians “hateful,” to advocate — as absurd as this would be — “gay sensitivity” training for kindergarten teachers. Freedom of expression also means any citizen has the right to call homosexuality repulsive, and sinful. Pastors have a right to teach biblical morality AND condemn biblical immorality.  Christian artists have the right to mock, ridicule and lament the barren branch of homosexuality. Gay artists have the right to publicly indulge their absurd persecution complex.

The market place of ideas only works if ALL the ideas — pleasant and innocuous, strident and hateful, shrill and angry — are allowed room on the shelf.   Call me an idiot — I don’t care, but shut me up and you will face a the barrel of a gun someday.   The best way to avoid violent change is to allow violently opposed ideas to compete with each other, in an orderly fashion.

The ugly chaos that is the Islamic world thinks differently.  You cannot mock the prophet Mohammed in many countries.   Hell, you can’t even hold open Christian worship in many Islamic countries.  Say the wrong thing and you could have your tongue cut out.

Gay Sharia law is every bit as bad as Islamic Sharia law.  It must be condemned by all thinking Americans.

The mayor of Houston should step down, and apologize to her country — a country that has shown her far more generosity and tolerance than she would face in many of the countries that share her methods.