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Teach Your Children Well

Decent Folks Correct Their Children As I’ve written before, I firmly believe that racism is officially over in the United States, but that only applies to reasonably normal people. There is, in fact, an approved, coddled and utterly “unchained” kind of racism out there, and it flows at fire-hydrant volume from people who have been..

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John Piper: God Not Quite Big Enough For Race Issues

In a stunning theological development, pastor and “Desiring God” teacher John Piper has come to the conclusion that God is just not “big enough” to solve race problems. Employing his usual amorphous, affable and directionless prose, and employing the phrase ‘I don’t know’ for earnest emphasis three separate times, Piper admitted that race is just..

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Cliché Police Freeze Liberal Accounts

Mountain View, CA  ICBTS News Thousands of left-leaning social network accounts have been frozen over the last two weeks due to an unintended side-effect associated with content-policing.  It appears that the drive to de-monetize conservative blogs and block politically incorrect social network accounts has actually had a reverse effect.  The  anti-cliché component of the policing software..

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Big Glob of Jimmy Kimmel Sanctimony Escapes Studio

Hollywood, CA  ICBTS News A food service worker at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood narrowly escaped a large rolling ball of pure sanctimony that slid off the stage, past several crew members and into a temporary work area. Hector Ruiz of Documented Catering Services was given first aid treatment for an abrasion he received..

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If Pastors Were Personal Trainers

..we would all be morbidly obese In the bustling trading town of Middletown, Connecticut, ideas were changing fast. Deacon Joseph Coe, Captain David Coe, Captain Isaac Miller and Mr. Elihu Stone announced they had voluntarily freed five slaves. The event was noteworthy enough to be reported in newspapers across New England, and given the nature..

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