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How It All Began

Chapter One The exponential worldwide growth of the ultra-violent Perringdale Religious movement may have had its entire genesis in the sorry events of one terrible afternoon. Felix Perringdale, on his way home from the horrendous 4 AM chore of hand milking his neighbor’s thirty-six Jersey cows, was set upon by a band of Le Mars,..

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The Cowboy Camelot

The Bill Gothard Mess.. Somewhere, out on the prairie, a weary, broad-shouldered rancher settles down on a log by the fire.   His wife is nearby.   She’s gorgeous. She wears cowgirl denim and a blouse tight enough to reveal the Almighty’s blessings  without causing pandemonium amongst the hired hands.   She slides down onto..

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Bright Students, Meet the Cynics

Like most people, fabulous wealth undoes me. I sat in the oak paneled, west coast waiting room of Senator Helen Mitarksy and marveled at the 16 foot ceilings.   The room was crowned with a massive interior cornice, studded with marble dentils, and a great glass eye in the center of the ceiling allowed a..

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Novel Start: Arcadia

We were fighting over an airplane. That was my first memory.   The airplane was an apple crate, and we were three years old, and when you sat inside the crate, you imagined the cockpit and the wings and the propeller, and I remember it being a pretty good little reverie, especially if you could..

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