Randy:                  It’s who I am.  I have no choice..

Paul:                     Well, forgive me, Randy, but that is just hard to believe…

Randy:                 I’ve known it since I was five years old.

Paul:                     You’ve known you love Bo Donaldson and the Haywoods since you were five years old?

Randy:                  Do you think I would CHOOSE this life?

Paul:                     Let’s back up here and let’s just think about what happened.  Someone said something?

Randy:                 Someone made fun of “Billy Don’t Be a Hero.”   Someone ridiculed it in my presence.

Paul:                     But, Randy, look.  It’s a free country. People are going to have different opinions.

Randy:                It was a soldier who said it.  A war-loving, bloodthirsty Soldier, a Marine who made fun of it.

Paul:                    The song?  “Billy Don’t be a Hero?

Randy:                Exactly!  It’s a beautiful song about a girl who won’t love a boy who goes off and gets himself killed for no reason!  Don’t you see how important that is?

Paul:                    But don’t you see that a soldier, a marine, might think that was belittling his profession?

Randy:                He chooses to be a killer!  I have no choice but to love Bo Donaldson and the Haywoods.

Paul:                     Here we go again….

Randy:                 It was REALLY insensitive and hateful..

Paul:                      And you want him to lose his job?

Randy:                 Not just me.  All the sensitive people in the world want him to lose his job.