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Brittle Believer Goes Boom

Have you ever attempted a long chat with someone who doesn’t appear to be living on this planet? I have.  I could say many things about them, but it’s clear they see no heaven in the here and now.  The kingdom is not “at hand,” for them.  It’s somewhere else.  Somewhere far away.  They wish..

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Humphrey Bogart once said ” Acting is like sex: you either do it and don’t talk about it, or you talk about it and don’t do it.” Well, there may be a few Tahitians out there — the sort Margaret Meade never actually met — who just kind of fall into sex the way other..

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The Cowboy Camelot

The Bill Gothard Mess.. Somewhere, out on the prairie, a weary, broad-shouldered rancher settles down on a log by the fire.   His wife is nearby.   She’s gorgeous. She wears cowgirl denim and a blouse tight enough to reveal the Almighty’s blessings  without causing pandemonium amongst the hired hands.   She slides down onto..

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The Trials of Influenza

..In which I recount divers signs and encounters with this year’s plague.. This being the order the divers signs and encounters were received… Denial.  “I don’t really believe this. I am not getting sick;  no, this is nothing.” Semi-Denial.  “Seriously.  This is really not happening.  It’s  just like – dust.  Or something.” Snot. More and..

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Reviews: Drinking Buddies, Thanks for Sharing

Drinking Buddies (2013) Kate (Olivia Wild) is what you might call the hospitality girl for a brand new Chicago brewery.  She introduces the brew to bar and restaurant owners, and she’s the prettiest, and only, girl in the small company’s employ.  She dates music producer Chris (Ron Livingston, Band of Brothers), and this relationship appears..

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Review: Frances Ha (2012)

The Undateable We don’t come by honesty naturally.  If we aren’t born liars, we learn exactly what people want to hear very early on, and we spend much of our lives floating partial truth trial balloons.  If our friends and loved ones shoot those down, we go back to managing our fictional version of self…

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