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We Win A Battle — Now On To The War!

The Government Will Buy Your Chalkboard.. ..As Long As You Forfeit The Bill of Rights Wrong. Our lawsuit against Claremont School district, (background here) filed by Thomas Eastmond’s Firm, has prevailed in its first big test. A federal judge has ruled today that.. “..the Court finds Riley has standing to pursue his claims.” “..the private..

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Our Mutual Fight

They are Coming For You Too If you are dropping by here for the first time, you may have seen my appearance on TBN’s Huckabee TV.  You can follow me on Facebook here, but I infinitely prefer you join my email list, since no social network is safe anymore. (There’s a join form at the..

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City on a Lake, In The Hills

Heavenly Village and Environs South Lake Tahoe.  I officially like this place.  It’s got a pronounced Emerald City vibe. The shuttle driver drove me past several Tin Men getting re-polished and Scarecrows getting re-strawed on the way to the Driftwood Cafe for breakfast. He connected me, mentally, to my family who took the same route..

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