The Israel of God

Is Anything Actually Being Replaced?  It just sounds like more family at the dinner table to me…

As usual, I’m catching up to the great theological debates of our times, a few decades late.   Some of the dispensationalists make up their own version of the historic, reformed interpretation of “the Israel of God” and call it replacement theology, as though anyone were (more…)

The Office Supply Singers

I suppose I make an odd culture warrior.   I don’t fit the James Dobson brand.  I hate the war on drugs, along with its serial abuses against the Bill of Rights.    I don’t think the church talks enough about sex,  and it certainly doesn’t do a very good job celebrating the sort of sex God intended.    I love good (more…)

Review: Wish, Stand, Reader, Mean, Blackfish

wish_you_were_hereWish You Were Here (2012)

I have a weakness for movies about western couples who visit some exotic third world hell hole and wonder what in the world they were thinking when they planned the trip.

Moral of the story:  stay away from Cambodia.   This was extremely well executed, with incredible performances by Joel Edgerton (more…)