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Christ, The Word, The Church, The Republic

God’s First Command: Have Sex

Am I reading this wrong? So I read and re-read the Bible, slowly, usually over about 18 months at a time.  I like to consider the Word, post the Word on social media, discuss the Word, argue about the Word, read commentaries about the Word– and see if I understood the great Father God Creator..

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Life Is Too Short For Stupid Christians

Be a Berean, you coward.. I’ve come to believe that I’ve missed, and even dismissed, many of God’s greatest truths by virtue of how horribly they are taken hostage, with singular zeal–apart from the greater Biblical picture.  A Christian can be very much like the Jesus-tempting Satan, brandishing a powerful scriptural dagger, sounding “holy” but..

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Virus Didn’t Work, Back to Race

..with a vengeance I borrowed my title from a meme I saw yesterday.  It’s perfect.  The same people who were worried about Commie Flu hot spots four days ago, the same ones who ridiculed first amendment protesters, the same ones who called church-goers potential Darwin Award winners, seem to have utterly forgotten the horrible danger..

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