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Christ, The Word, The Church, The Republic

Virus Didn’t Work, Back to Race

..with a vengeance I borrowed my title from a meme I saw yesterday.  It’s perfect.  The same people who were worried about Commie Flu hot spots four days ago, the same ones who ridiculed first amendment protesters, the same ones who called church-goers potential Darwin Award winners, seem to have utterly forgotten the horrible danger..

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The Grave New World

Most thinking people care very little about the virus anymore. It appears to be a dud.  If it were a bio-weapon, it would be singularly weak terrorism — a pellet gun against a half-ton Kodiak bear.  The thick fur of herd immunity appears to have protected humanity as it has for thousands of years. What..

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Give Me Some Bloody Rest

I’ve been thinking a lot about “restlessness” and “contentment” lately, because I’ve concluded a great deal of what I do to seek the latter consists of drowning the former in spreadsheets or wine or binge-TV or travel or sleep or any reverie that fixes the mind somewhere else–captivated, soothed, or just put away.  We seek..

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