Is it just me or is it even more crazy than usual?

Most of us sense the big streak of pure crazy at the heart of the world’s order — that vast pool of “plain wrong” billowing up like dangerous waters below us.  Christianity makes it no less than a central dictate: “Do not love the world or anything in the world.”  Certainly, billions of creatures wrestling, or surrendering, to greed, lust, wrath, envy and hate are going to make a mess of things.

But the level of weirdness, post-Commie virus, is beginning to feel something like too long an evening at Bill Cosby’s place.  I read things lately that make me feel as though I’ve lost the use of my arms.  It’s a bit like being trapped in a dream that makes no sense, in a room full of people totally unwilling to acknowledge the calamity crashing down on them.

Some basic truths to begin with..

It’s all but absolutely certain now:  the virus didn’t come from nature. It was manufactured by scientists and soul-dead technocrats.  The idea behind “gain of function” research is that you engineer a super virus so that you can learn how to fight it.  I will say that again:  ENGINEER (create) a really bad virus so that you can learn how to fight it.

I certainly can’t be the only one to respond: “Wait. Wut?”

That sounds something like “okay, we haven’t beaten cancer yet, so let’s engineer a super fast, super destructive entirely NEW kind of cancer so that we can see how to fight it.”  We are witnessing an entirely new kind of stupid here.  It’s surprising absolutely no one in the virology discipline didn’t object loudly enough to be heard.  The topic was debated but the idea is so bad it shouldn’t even have merited a discussion, much less a decision in the affirmative, and once approved you would think someone might have started yelling bloody murder.

No such luck.  There wasn’t even one righteous man in Virology-Gomorrah.

Second, we all now know that we paid for it.  The American taxpayers, under the intellectually incompetent stewardship of Anthony Fauci, actually funded this research in a communist “scientific” laboratory.  We paid our sworn ideological enemies to manufacture what could obviously be used as weapon of bio-terror at worst, and a kind of biological time-bomb at best. Dr. Fauci actually believes that the Chinese Communists would never risk the lives of their own people, proving that he knows even less about history than he does about virology.

Third — knowing that we funded profoundly ill-advised research, knowing that Dr. Fauci lied (“for our own good”) about mask-wearing, knowing that mRNA vaccines had never been released to the general public before — we are now actually STILL listening to Fauci’s advice about how to contain this pandemic.

Ponder that: we are seeking a cure from the doctor who tried to kill us.

It just cannot get any more crazy than that.