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Battle Planning

Seven Rules For Christian Battle

The Idiot’s Guide to Political Battle Planning

My people are generally conservatives, church-goers, traditionalists and home-schoolers, the sort of people who fear God and fold their underwear neatly — which means they are usually idiots on the political battle field.

There are different standards, my gentle Christian friends, for warfare, courtrooms, and political elections.  You had better learn them.  Your enemies — as WikiLeaks (more…)


Too Pure to Party

Perfection, not patriotism, is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

If you get in an argument about policy, or political choices, with a certain kind of churchman, and you hear the words, “we will never have justice until Jesus returns,” you can wager this bold blow for Captain Obvious is rooted in cowardice, or sloth, or both.  If the argument were (more…)