Papal Groupies And Other Joiners

God Works With Outsiders, Not the Lords of the Motorcade

John Boehner, before announcing his departure as speaker of the house, is said to have become uncharacteristically confessional to a Washington Post reporter, when describing his papal encounter. The speaker pointed to the very spot where the papal feet had trod and wondered, out loud,  at the magnificent humility of Pope Francis (more…)


Killing Us Nicely

When Baptist Academics Look Like Perfume Ladies..

I have high standards for Christians.  I expect them to be able to think their way through the consequences of their actions, employing a Biblical world view.  I expect a Christian college to be a kind of “city on a hill,” and that means, that when repugnant ideas are discussed, they are thoroughly trashed.  If Bernie (more…)

More Failure, Please..

I’m not sure why, but I’m conscious of failure lately: the big ministry dude you’ve been quoting for years as a kind of model, flies off to Jamaica with the church secretary; another pastor makes a judgment call you just can’t defend and when you express reservations, you suffer pitch-fork wounds and a good tarring from his followers; a two-decade marriage fails (more…)

The Calming

In 1961, John Cheever wrote a hilarious, and sad, story called “The Chimera,” about a dutiful husband who made his wife breakfast in bed every morning. However well executed the meal, she had something to complain about. After setting down her breakfast one morning, she blurts out words to this effect,”how long must I put up with being served breakfast in bed (more…)