I’m not sure why, but I’m conscious of failure lately: the big ministry dude you’ve been quoting for years as a kind of model, flies off to Jamaica with the church secretary; another pastor makes a judgment call you just can’t defend and when you express reservations, you suffer pitch-fork wounds and a good tarring from his followers; a two-decade marriage fails and you suffer through the revenge-pics on Facebook; the bickering whelp-child of a great evangelist and theologian¬†does the leftist media circuit for 30 pieces of silver; the America you love starts to look like a face metal convention full of teenagers in their late twenties,complaining about the free pizza.

And through it all, your own failures parade through your dreams, sending you off to the toaster at 3AM for a calming bagel, which you remember — without any real conviction — is just going to make you more fat, and more conscious of failure, and more in need..

..of a Savior.