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Let Me Not Be Ashamed

“Turn Yourself to me, and have mercy on me, For I am desolate and afflicted. The troubles of my heart have enlarged; Bring me out of my distresses! Look on my affliction and my pain, And forgive all my sins. Consider my enemies, for they are many; And they hate me with cruel hatred. Keep my soul, and..

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Owning Our Language

Did I even mean that? I’ve been thinking about prayer lately, and conversation in general, and I’m struck by how many phrases we use without ever really owning them.  By “owning them” I mean understanding their meaning so well that we feel powerfully confident using them.  It can be a confidence born of discipline and..

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Think It, Post It..

So, whilst driving today, I was pondering the Rodney King thing — why we all can’t get along.  (We had major sales today, but there are a few bloody-fanged progressive teachers I fancy I could calm down with a simple chat).  Maybe.  Maybe not.  It’s difficult for a secular humanist to hear, but the root..

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Chuck Baldwin, So Completely Pure..

..He smells downright sour Chuck Baldwin appears to be getting tripped up in his long robes and ideological hand-washing rituals.  I’m fairly certain he’s out there right now trying to find someone to scourge for healing on the Sabbath. I have distant memories of a fellow who once called out wicked policies in high places..

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Farm Fashion

I took a nap and woke up to find a bunch of pretty girls being pretty for the cameras on the tavern front lawn. Vintage clothing catalog shoot.  Now if only there were three million vintage clothing companies in America.. (more…)