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If Pastors Were Personal Trainers

..we would all be morbidly obese In the bustling trading town of Middletown, Connecticut, ideas were changing fast. Deacon Joseph Coe, Captain David Coe, Captain Isaac Miller and Mr. Elihu Stone announced they had voluntarily freed five slaves. The event was noteworthy enough to be reported in newspapers across New England, and given the nature..

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Best Man Refuses “Lock-Step” Celebration of Friend’s Wedding

Redwood City, CA  ICBTS News  It’s usually the moment when the whole congregation erupts in applause, but when Derek Woods was given permission by the minister to kiss his bride, Debbie Thurgood, their best man suddenly took a knee at the front of the church, along with several groomsmen. “Listen,” explained best man Harold Foster,..

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Cold Water Clarity

Yesterday, driving around town, I settled into a comforting blanket of technical pleasure: Spotify and Google Maps gracefully shared the BMW’s speaker system.  The air-conditioning was leveling off at a precise 72 degrees.  “Traffic is delayed along your route,” computer-girl announced, and re-routed me. The Tokens paused for a moment and then soared back up..

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Random Stuff..

Fear Not My brother, and a few neighbors, call us about a fire-bug trying to light up Oak Glen.The local and state fire departments, and the community, turned out.The consensus seems to be: why can’t arsonists be burned alive, after tearful repentance, in the public square? (Can any rational person tell me why that isn’t..

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Google: Careful With Unapproved News, Careless With Smut

It’s possible we would all be happier if we stopped trying to make sense of things. It’s five in the morning, after all, and I might be wrong, but I see an article by PJ Media about a conservative web site, (The Liberty Conservative) pressured by Google into pulling one of its articles or risk..

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