They are Coming For You Too

If you are dropping by here for the first time, you may have seen my appearance on TBN’s Huckabee TV.  You can follow me on Facebook here, but I infinitely prefer you join my email list, since no social network is safe anymore. (There’s a join form at the bottom of the link.)

To catch up on our case, and our family’s back story, you can read my article for American Greatness outlining our history and the attempt by some progressives to shut down the teaching of American History in Southern California.

The pretext, of course, with the left is “hate.” I have been branded a racist for thinking “White Nationalism” is largely a fading fiction in America, that the only really strident racism left is the sort of stuff that comes from Louis Farrakhan and those who court his favor.  For seeing Stormy Daniels as a comic, ridiculous figure I have been called “misogynist.”  For musing outloud on Twitter about being the last generation to grow up with only two genders, I have been called “transphobic.”

The American left, under their current “Resist” banner, simply cannot abide opinions they regard as unorthodox and they are obviously willing to destroy families, businesses and reputations as they wage their crusade.  It’s not just Alan Dershowitz or Ben Shapiro being barred from college campuses. It’s not just boycotts against In-n-Out Burger and Chic-Fil-A; they are coming for any small business, owned by families with Christian, traditionalist, or conservative values.  My strident, caustic sense of humor is being used against me, to be certain, but it doesn’t really matter.  Express the wrong opinion, even gently, and on your own time, and you will be targeted. They are coming for you.

Quite a few conservatives, and many Christians, have advised I be quiet.  The conventional wisdom is that we don’t discuss religion and politics, especially if we’re in business.  But who does that leave to inform the public debate?  Actors, Athletes, and College professors, and I think we can all agree they don’t have a great record of informed opinion.  Pastors feed the nation spiritually and small business employs 80% of America. It is time for those folks to start speaking out loud and strong, or we just might lose the First Amendment.

Still others, scold me:  anyone has a right to boycott someone they don’t agree with.  This is simply not true.  As a private citizen you can boycott anyone you like, but government cannot penalize employees, contractors, or casual vendors for their political expression.  Imagine you have a painting contract with a school district.  You’ve been re-painting those classrooms for 30 years.  You express support for the NRA on your Facebook page and a district administrator approaches you with this: “apologize for your NRA membership or lose the public’s business.”

THAT is the government using its power to create “approved think.” My goal, in this law suit, is to put abject fear in those who govern us.  My goal is to make public servants remember they are not fit for their office if they hate the bill of rights.  My goal is to protect freedom of expression — right, left, and center.

Join me.  Pray — but get angry and loud.

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