The Government Will Buy Your Chalkboard..
..As Long As You Forfeit The Bill of Rights


Our lawsuit against Claremont School district, (background here) filed by Thomas Eastmond’s Firm, has prevailed in its first big test. A federal judge has ruled today that..

“..the Court finds Riley has standing to pursue his claims.”
“..the private views of a field trip venue owner do not motivate legitimate pedagogical concerns as a matter of law.”
“..the Complaint plausibly alleges the decision to cancel field trips..was retaliatory in nature..”
“..Plaintiffs allege sufficient facts to support the supervisory liability of the members of the Board of Education..”

I wrote a mock sketch about this on Facebook to illustrate the Constitutional questions at stake..

Chef: “So glad to host your teachers’ retirement dinner this year.”
School: “Not so fast. We need to make sure you aren’t a member of the NRA and that you have contributed to the following progressive PACs and we had three questionable Tweets from you, for which we need a public apology.”
Chef: “So if I do business with you, I have to give up my first amendment rights?”
School: “Pretty much.”
Chef: “I’ll sue you then.”
School: “You would do that to the kids?”

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