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Cirque Du Soleil’s Black Mass

I suppose I should feel sorry for the poor, lithe beautiful kids who perform the aerial ballet at Cirque Du Soleil’s “Love.” Billed as a tribute to the music of the Beatles at the Mirage in Las Vegas, someone is using these performers as flesh props in a kind of black mass. It felt so profoundly evil, I stormed out, asking the (more…)


The Calming

In 1961, John Cheever wrote a hilarious, and sad, story called “The Chimera,” about a dutiful husband who made his wife breakfast in bed every morning. However well executed the meal, she had something to complain about. After setting down her breakfast one morning, she blurts out words to this effect,”how long must I put up with being served breakfast in bed (more…)

The Virtuous Sex Kitten

Disclaimer/Warning:  I write about sex because I’ve found very few people write or talk about it with much honesty. If the topic makes you uncomfortable,  go somewhere else.  This won’t be titillating, but I try to make it honest.

Consider the terms: “angelic temptress,”  ”holy playmate,”  ”virtuous sex kitten.”

Can there be such a thing? We are told, in scripture,the marriage bed is (more…)