Month: February 2015

A Christian Fear of Airplanes

I copped out a bit in my last blog about sex and the Fifty Shades thing, because I called for “a frank, celebratory discussion”  — and then proceeded not to have one. Sex is just difficult to talk about, but I’m going to talk about it, because I’m tired of the Godless scum hogging the..

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Galaxy Quest, Without the Depth

Why did I pay good money to watch Birdman? Not sure. It might have been a convergence of social media feed-strength, along with the vague sense that someone — Michael Keaton — had been nominated for something Birdmanish.  I don’t remember Keaton in much of anything lately, and maybe he finally found something he liked…

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We’re Only as Rich as The Village

Don’t worry about that title. I’m a capitalist, down to the bone, blood, and sinew.  During basketball games, as a 6’2″ 9th grader, I sat on the bench reading books about the stock market.  These days, I spend almost all of my spare mental time wondering how I can make my small business grow, since..

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