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Scenes I can’t take…

I watch way too much television and streaming film, I know.  My Bay Colony ancestors — if they could anticipate this technology — wouldn’t approve, but what I can’t figure out? I can watch a fair amount of violence — the Normandy scene in “Saving Private Ryan” for example or the Michael Corleone restaurant vengeance..

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The Flesh, in this case, is SUPER strong..

Emails That Don’t Tempt Me.. Walking, Thinking Mary and I walked four miles this morning.  My preferred cardio is the elliptical, but we are on vacation and we have to improvise. I’m a student of elliptical machines — having foolishly purchased really cheap machines designed for very small people with short-lived New Year’s resolutions. The..

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The Fragility of Your Social Network

Suppose, like me, you’ve spent — this is embarrassing — eight or nine years making new friends on Facebook. Suppose you’ve re-connected with literally hundreds of old friends. You’ve even found lost members of your own family and established a special tribe of peculiarly like minded individuals in your interest groups. You’ve built your business..

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