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I See You in Emerald City

Hairspray and Hamburgers When our house empties of our children and grandchildren, Mary and I have been settling into wine and just about whatever is on HGTV — Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop Atlanta, House Hunters International, Love it Or List It, and Beachfront Bargain Hunt.  (Neither of us like Property Brothers; it earns an..

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Teach Your Children Well

Decent Folks Correct Their Children As I’ve written before, I firmly believe that racism is officially over in the United States, but that only applies to reasonably normal people. There is, in fact, an approved, coddled and utterly “unchained” kind of racism out there, and it flows at fire-hydrant volume from people who have been..

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John Piper: God Not Quite Big Enough For Race Issues

In a stunning theological development, pastor and “Desiring God” teacher John Piper has come to the conclusion that God is just not “big enough” to solve race problems. Employing his usual amorphous, affable and directionless prose, and employing the phrase ‘I don’t know’ for earnest emphasis three separate times, Piper admitted that race is just..

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