Forget About This Virus;  Are You Ready To Be Seen as a Walking Disease?

If I properly understand the sort of world the various Pandemic-Oberführers are proposing, I’m surprised that more people — however many lives may be saved — aren’t pondering the freezing chill about to descend on our culture, and the eerie speed with which corporate advertising went from celebrating the wine dinner party and the stadium full of baseball fans to the stoic, masked world of the sheltering single mom, dutifully reconciled to months of domestic isolation.

Think about the world that is being proposed..

  • No weddings
  • No graduations
  • No stadium sports
  • No theme parks
  • No proms, no crowded lecture halls, no bustling farmers’ markets
  • Restaurants with hostesses behind a sneeze guard and every other booth empty
  • Sanitation rituals and latex gloves
  • Temperature checks before shopping
  • No singing in church — and no communion either
  • Long, ominous interviews with contact tracers
  • Broadway musicals featuring actors in masks
  • School buses filled with children a row apart — students taught to see each other as potentially diseased..
  • Needles, needles, and more needles..
  • No hugging, no kissing, no long, lingering embrace at the airport or the train station..

Even if they were filling landfills full of corpses, would the dead wish this life upon the living?

It makes me wonder, seriously, if the people willing to accept this cold, suspicious world were ever really alive in the first place?  Have we been living with dead people around us all these years?