Reviews: Drinking Buddies, Thanks for Sharing

Drinking Buddies (2013)

Pour Me AnotherKate (Olivia Wild) is what you might call the hospitality girl for a brand new Chicago brewery.  She introduces the brew to bar and restaurant owners, and she’s the prettiest, and only, girl in the small company’s employ.  She dates music producer Chris (Ron Livingston, Band of Brothers), and (more…)

Reviews: Angel, Eden, Red Corner

Something is wrong with me.  I liked all of these films.
Mini-Reviews: Angels’ Share • Red Corner • Eden

Angel's ShareAngels’ Share (2012) It bothers me that Netflix doesn’t have a “UK Tall Tales from the  Pub” category.  You know:  Waking Ned Devine, Brassed Off, The Stone of Destiny.  I just love this stuff — Jolly (more…)