Sober Mirth

I’m finally getting around to reading Puritans at Play by Bruce C. Daniels.  It’s  been in my library for a decade or more, and right from the start it speaks to a concept I’ve struggled with, in one way or another, my entire life.  The New England Reverend Benjamin Colman called it “Sober Mirth” — the need to strike a balance between (more…)

Ex Nihilo


Chase Bagnall saw no great virtue in confession, the endless parade of self-justification that announces itself on social networks, and over beer, and in emails with the subject line, “Can I just tell you something?”  Whatever happened, he thought, to suffering in silence?  Where did that go?  Did it ever exist?   Without question, he must have picked up this distaste from (more…)

The Favor

When he finally made the phone call, Chase had trouble sounding as though he weren’t out of breath.  He could hear the phone ringing on the other end and that only made it worse, so when his friend, Nathan Kennedy, picked up the line all Chase could say was “wait a minute” while he covered the phone and tried to calm down.

“Chase. (more…)