A Million Truths, Randomly Held Aloft by Fools..

In this interval of time, where opposing political tribes shield their own gropers with one hand and spear enemy pervs with the other, my mind settled upon Kathy Griffin.  She has morphed, physically, into a kind of evil Howdy Doody doll, looking as though she were taking a fast from her femininity. Feminists keep assuring us that women can make a serious political statement with false eyelashes and serious cleavage on display, but they tend to wear baggy sweat shirts when they want to be taken seriously. (Only the real Euro-trash protest naked, and sometimes, from what I’ve seen, some of them are actually very attractive.  I can’t imagine how you keep your composure as a politician, speaking, before a band of two dozen naked Dutch women running towards you.  But I digress..)  The point is: as much as I detest Kathy Griffin, I had to admit to myself the other day:  “she has a reasonably agile mind and rat like persistence.” On occasion–very rare occasions–she even says something that is true.  I can’t think of an example right now, but I’m sure it happens.

And, on this Thanksgiving Day, oddly enough–this iconic celebration of “savage” and “civilized” learning from one another–I wonder if there is any merit in believing the proposition that God has set the world’s truths before us as a kind of billion-piece jig saw puzzle, scattered, Easter egg hunt style, across the landscape. Someone you think a total fool laughs and holds up a corner piece. Your brother-in law found an edge. Donald Trump, that bombastic con man,  finds a piece with the presidential seal on it! In a similar vein, across the centuries, the chosen people think of themselves as set apart, but then one of those savage Centurions show more faith than anyone in Israel. The Pharisees have the nice robes, but that impoverished widow gave more than anyone.  John Adams relishes, in his journal, the acid, pithy wit of an Indian chief.

“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.”

This isn’t a blanket endorsement of everything your enemy believes, far from it.  It’s more in the nature of reassurance and warning: when you face that staggering moment in time when even Kathy Griffin speaks truth and you find yourself running away from the truth itself, simply because it came out of her mouth, then you need to remember you aren’t Greenwich Time.  God is.  He lets even a broken clock get it right twice a day.