I am currently in Facebook jail for,  they say, a period of 24 hours: this in response to a post I made several weeks ago about the Somalian-American police officer who shot a woman from inside his squad car.  The absence of any preliminary reporting on the motive for the shooting prompted me to ask the question:  “was it because she was Kuffar?”

Facebook is such a powerful communication tool, I can’t ignore it for a variety of purely commercial reasons, but I regard this action of theirs as truly frightening, since this apparently qualifies as some sort of “hate speech.” (After perusing their community standards, it couldn’t possibly qualify on any other grounds.)  My question flowed from an entirely legitimate sort of curiosity, given the number of spontaneous jihads that have taken place among “radical” Muslims in the last few years.

Even more ominously, I posted this some time ago. Apparently, any of your political enemies, Islamic or otherwise, can simply scrub your timeline, look for anything that might offend the Taliban, and turn you in.

I actually do undertstand why forums need to be moderated.  They can descend into vulgarities and threatened violence of the sort that literally pushes some soft-hearted souls to suicide.  Youtube, for example, isn’t a civil place at all, and Twitter can sound like a meth head convention.

But if this is any indication of the way Facebook wants to play it, they can arbitrarily block anything that punctures their vey narrow safe space.

If you like what I have to say, you’ll have to come here I guess.